Living Document
Document that is
Continually edited
And updated
I write poetry
Because I find it hard to
Write full sentences
Fatherly Advice
Never curse the rain
And never curse the sun on
A hot summer day
The best thing about
Words is that they are always
Free to use for good
Attention Deficit
Keeping my mind in check
Is like holding a wild horse
With a dog leash
Moment Of Clarity
Epiphany; the
Beginning not the ending
I can see that now
Just once in my life I want something healthy
And good and honest to happen without violence
And distrust and fighting and lies and jealousy
Perpetual Passerby
A perpetual passerby I walk these cold city streets
Aimlessly, like a lonely ghost here only to observe
From a safe distance the dangers of being human
Grandfatherly Advice
Never chase buses or women as both will leave you
In the dust and laugh at your struggle just be where
You are supposed to be and both will come to you
A Haiku For Her
To the one mind in
This world I love more than the
Last breath I will take
A Haiku For Help
Sometimes all I want
To hear is a voice telling
Me that I should live
I drink red wine to
Remember nights long ago
Fall into bed drunk
Tired Of Being Your Bad Idea
I would be a liar not to say
When I hear from you I smile
Some days it is my only smile
Negative Space
The darkest of clouds do not sit in the sky
They live among us and will rain negativity
All over you if you aren’t constantly moving
You are the wall that stands between me
And where I want to be …
All in all you’re just another breaking my balls
If everyone fell on their swords in attempt
To prevent a greater evil there would be
No one left to prevent the greater evil
Apologies And Thunderstorms
When the thunder shakes your bones
She cries lightning; the death of sorry
It will never mean a damn thing again
Then He Was Gone
My soul burst under the pressure and I
Watched it spill out on the hot city pavement
From there I walked away from who I am
That Special Crazy
There is nothing special about your crazy
You are all equally and completely insane
Silkworms eat only
Leaves of white mulberry trees
Complete dependence
At dusk the sun emulates her aura through
The clouds but quickly it drops from the sky
In despair as it fails to capture her beauty
If I were a selfish man
I would have pursued
All my dreams I dreamt
Always in my heart
And in the back of my mind
This is why I cry
Never Be Too Sure
It is a thin line
Between ardent certainty
And insanity
Burning Man
I set myself on fire to
Show you the real you
Ladies’ Man
Chicks dig scars; this is
Why I set myself on fire
Always be thinking
Karma apples sure
Don’t taste as good as they sound
Do they Jabroni?
It is as if every cell
In my body feels
It’s own breaking heart
Unless a cure is
Found people will continue
To grow old and die
Birds whispering on the power lines
The smell of wet grass and pavement
Cold brings out the lonely
Long Walk Home
No spark; like a lighter in the rain and a
Limp wet cigarette that eventually breaks
From the weight of the soaking rainwater
When you bring a life into a world
You must do all you can to keep them alive
Until there is nothing left of either of you
American Idle
Some people do things
And some watch people do things
On television
The Soul Is Data
Worship of technology
The end of dead souls
Perfection, it is
Impossible not to crave
Her once you taste her
She says she is the
Element of air but I
Swear she’s got some fire
Save Judgement
Prejudices and stereotypes
Are not a substitute
For morals and values
Occupational Haphazard
Narcissistic narc
Suicide photobomber
The insider insider
The Wolf Survives The Wild
Some will say it is
A vicious dog eat dog world
You must be the wolf
Blue Note
If you don’t know me by now
I will never ever
Let you know me
Frenemy Mine
Self-loathing narcissists
Swinging roundhouse love-taps
Most will fall in love
With an idea of who
They think someone is
Clash Of The Humans
It’s easy to believe in Gods
It’s harder to
Believe in yourself
A Haiku For Rudyard Kipling
Artists are artists
Writers are writers
And never the twain shall meet
It Once Was A Goldmine
The dead canary
Went unnoticed too long in
This mass burial
These feelings have been with me
As long as my skin and these thoughts
Will kill me as long as I live
You are defined by
Who you are; don’t let
Compromise kill your spirit
Rule Of Law (A Punk Rock Chorus)
The rule of law; everyone
Must obey the law
The law of the land
Oxytocin molecule
The hormone created
When one feels love
I’m no Pablo Neruda
But she makes me want
To write love poems
Ridiculous Notions
The belief that even
In Heaven there’s war
Corporartists paint
Pretentiousness and
Ironic naivete
A warrior fights
For honor; a soldier fights
For a salary
Monatomic life
Is the soul a molecule
The last noble gas
The Fracking Truth
Farmers sow life while
Miners and drillers gorge on
Their vile death gorges
Altruistic ch’i
A hero approaches life
As if they were dead
Me Generation Girls
Just empty vessels
Of thoughtless hotness who can
Only see themselves
Cowered Coward
Nice guys finish last they say
But the timid man
Never takes the chance
What is the difference between
Truth and illusion; what makes sense
And what is confusion?
The True Nature Of Man
The greed libido
Finds truth in excuses and
Feeds on ignorance
From your darkest fear
Will passion arise
Inspiration is not free
I am very shy
You are very beautiful
We will never meet
Is the new radical since
Greed is the new norm
Truer Purpose
Religion is the
Invisible divide used
To justify hate
Blood And Stone
You may not get blood
From a stone but you can draw
Blood with a stone fist
In the ends
We will justify
The means
Joining an army
Is a slap in the face to
That which creates life
Brain Fart
I can’t remember
What was it I was supposed
To forget again?
Why I love numbers
Is because they never change
And they never end
A single thought can
Bring a tsunami wave of
Unwanted emotions
I never ask artists what
Their work means because
I’m not an asshole
A woman’s perfume
Should smell just like her hair fresh
Out of the shower
What if we found out
Dark matter was nothing more
Than ones and zeros
One-Sided Advocacy
The noisome and obnoxious condemnation of all
The double standards that work against you while
Fully exploiting those that work to your advantage
I think about them all the time
I just can’t talk about them or
The sadness will overwhelm me
Anything can fail
Put no eggs in baskets, that’s
Just self-sabotage
A Haiku For Leon Trotsky
Always watch your back
Lest they send a man to kill
You with an ice axe
LOL (Loss Of Liberty)
All it takes is one
Generation that doesn’t
Know any better
Dream Girl
She slept with me
For many many years
Before I met her
Disconnect so you
May remain intact, the mind
Needs meditation
Absurd Bullshit
Those who live in the
Mainstream look for truths in their
Own weak excuses
Pain can be your friend
If you do not abuse it
Gives you perspective
Post Meridiem
I don’t know where the
Sun dips to at night but I
Am sure it gets lit
You Become The Problem
You do not want to
Stand out in the crowd
With your silence you condone
If something sounds like
It was made up by cavemen
It probably was
It is harder to be a dick than to not be a dick
If I am a dick to you then you must deserve it
As I am going out of my way to make the point
If you think any politician
Is on your side you have not
Been paying much attention
Just go out and live
Your life as if you know you
Are going to die
Confucius Say
He who go to bed
With itchy butt wake up with
A stinky finger
If you read my words
You are fucking my mind
That’s how I get inside
Moderate Extremists
Follow the book to
The tee or throw it out
You can’t redefine God
Rest Assured
If I am going
To ask you a trick question
I will let you know
I am a race car driver
That’s what I tell the
Ladies and the cops
Divine Intervention
When God spoke to me
They told me I was crazy
I still don’t believe
Assuming your life
Will always be the same you
Curse it to be so
Dreams Of Far-Away Lands
If you sleep to foreign
Films you can have very
Interesting dreams
Gen-X Conservatives
Hates government yet
Strict constitutionalist
Such contradiction
One foot in the past
And one foot in the present
Eyes on the future
In the analog
World they were the pinnacle of
Nazis were what all
Humans are capable of
They were not unique
There is one time in our life
When we know what happens when we die
And that is when we die
Our government is a true representation
Of our society; our shitty politicians
Are a reflection of our shitty citizens
Rough Stuff
Girls who like rough sex
Usually also like
Rough relationships
And Burnt Every Bridge
If a pretty girl
Is alone on her birthday
She has hurt people
Musical Frisson
To quiver when a
Piece of music makes you feel
No drug can compete
Original Sin
The desire to stay alive
To take and kill of your own volition
To ensure your very survival
Send the jobs away
Make them dependent then
Caste shame for being poor
Don’t Rock The Boat
Those who rock the boat
Ultimately help ensure
That all holes get plugged
The Crazy Ones
They will take all you own
To satisfy their vengeful wrath
For something they imagined you doing
You know what they say
A deep breath is hard to find
Fucking exhausting
Prerequisite For A Muse
A muse must be confident
In either their beauty
Or in their skill
A Haiku For Libertarians
You would gladly hand
Power back to Kings to spite
Those with less than you
Gamer Girl
My analog stick
Her digital interface
Amazing graphics
Blithering Ideots
Boxing minds so new
Ideas can not be thought
Creative Distances
Love a muse instensely but
Do not fall in love
They can not be held
Fake History
Historians are
Writing our future
By fabricating our past
Cognitive Redaction
I would wipe it entirely
From my conscious mind
No hesitation
On The Trestle
Secrets shatter the laughter
A trusting soul yields
All security
I am a fiend
Because I crave reality
On a finer scale
That Which Makes You Angry
My only disparate rage
Is rooted in my inability
To handle interference
Love Hurts
Sticks and stones in love
Do they hurt one another
They can both break bones
Old School
My generation is the last to
Learn the old way of thinking
Learning by memorization
Promise yourself you
Will apologize for your
Self-induced coma
I have done a lot
Of thinking and I have
Decided that I don’t
Saying Nothing
I am here to tell
You nothing as it is all
I know to be fact
Skin Art
Tattoo, art that dies
A life as brief as the
Canvas that carries it
Huxley had it right
Orwell gives human beings
Far too much credit
It’s the hate that makes
A hater; you have to let
All that anger go
Faith-Based Self-Deprecation
We’ve created Gods out of a
Desperate hope that we are not the
Most intelligent life in the universe
Represent Stereotype
Not seeing yourself for more than just
Your skin color is far worse than being
Prejudged by strangers doing the same
American Women (Stay Way From Me-e)
Raised with no sense of honor
Taught they are all princesses in this
Kingdom of paper and plastic
Sissification Of Man
We cared less about our emotions
When we were cold from the elements
And being eaten by larger animals
The Ages
Religion brought us
The Dark Ages while science
Gives us the Space Age
I hear voices say
To chase the stars in her eyes
But she will not look
When it’s nature who
Abominate how can it
Be unnatural
Things Unloved
I see only
Reflections of darkness
No one sees the things unseen
I hear the sound
Of the silent surround
No one hears the things unheard
I scream vehemently
At a deaf world
No one says the things unsaid
I grab hold of
An untouchable love
No one feels the things unfelt
I breathe deep in
This suffocating space
No one smells the things unsmelled
I kissed the clouds in
A sky full of hate
No one tastes the things untasted
I sensed deep pain
In the beautiful way
No one loves the things unloved
Something Has Changed
All I get is the
Back of your head or your
Empty side of the bed
The victors are they
Who pay the most attention
Always be watching
Street Justice
When cops act like thugs
How do you expect the
Criminals to behave
Viridian Letter
Badge of dishonor
Marijuana offender
The Uncouth
Hates his own being
The pith of the angry man
Uncouth to the end
Our Earth
Use this world while it is ours
But abuse this world and it will
End us all in the blink of an eye
I Love To Drive At Night
A wind blows gently
There is a chaos within
The silence of night
Credit Report
Generations of voluntary serfs
Happily bowing in surrender to this
Cannibalistic system of predation
The Deviless Made Me Do It
If God is a woman
Then so must it be the
Devil’s persuasion
The naive who follow orders
Without questioning, believing
It is the noble thing to do
Life Objectives
Experience life
But you can not possess life
It is not object
Any society is easy to manipulate
Just pump them some air of superiority
And they will breath it in deeply
Blueprinting Beauty
With my fingertips
I trace each curve of your
Body to memory
Sweet lemon honey
Shey is a tart little bit
Bites like none other
Prime Directive
Never tell a muse
That they are a muse
You will only make them change
Travel your own way
You will do nothing special
On the beaten path
The Planets In Science Class
Venus says to Mars
I wouldn’t sit next to Earth
I hear she has lice
Everyday Suit
Try to get as
Naked as possible
As often as possible
Event Horizon
Grows like moss on walls
You will not notice the change
Until it has you
Recursive Conjecture
It is the truth; it
Is truly my opinion
That your facts are lies
These are conclusions
Easily drawn with crayons
What is your problem?
Troll Toll
The new evolution
Is from human to troll
Age of Internet
Good Morning
Each new day can be
The best, the worst, or last day
Of your entire life
I want you more but
I don’t want to be a chore
What else can I do?
Automaton Recorder
I have an identity and I integrate but
I am not here to acquire things or set roots
I am here to gather memories and see all that I can
Being Oneself
If being yourself
Means being a total prick
Do not be yourself
I say least about those
I think the most about
To speak hurts too much
We Are Mystical
As a society we should focus our attention
Toward understanding ourselves rather than
Proving or disproving ancient mysticisms
Free Market
Friendly fascism
Trading comfort in exchange
For your liberty
True art is not self-expression, it is creating
A representation of all you see, minus yourself
And in that void is where your soul is bared
Miss Andry’s Goddess Complex
It is not I who
Has mysogyny issues,
Lose the God complex
Northern Lights Sky
A wild visual
Carnival of colorforms
Massaging my eyes
My Mind Loves To Hide
My mind loves to hide
Among the weeds and trees where
I can feel at peace
Purple Sunday
Playing mind games with the moon
On a sunny Sunday afternoon
What a weird day to let the moon out
There is only one
Answer that has no question
That answer is Why?
Blood Loss
I rarely speak of love lost
It is a far more crushing
Loss that haunts my heart
Ghost Tower
I just met a ghost
A soft static charge filled me
Cold-gripping my heart
Divine Displacement
Original sin
Using God as your scapegoat
For being a dick
PsyOp: Bitcoin
It is absolute genius to let the anarchists and
Libertarians run wild with this new currency that
Inherently tracks and logs every transaction made
Logging history
Spying is archiving and
Truth is permanence
Cybernetic Organisms
Technology advances evolution
We are the start of the new humans
Cybernetics will cure the common cold
It is the one true religion
To make machines make us
Make them make us them
Fatal Fate
She taught me there are
Worse fates than dying alone
Worse than death itself
So bored and alone
Talking to myself; tell me
To shut the fuck up
Life-Saving Injury
I will never forget
It was a stab to the head
That saved my life
Circumstances Are
All you are doing is
Justifying a bad decision
It’s still just a bad decision
A Second Border To Cross
Religions place a second invisible border over
The top of the already laid lines of separation
That keeps us from uniting as one human race
I’ve contemplated;
What in fact is my gender
I’ve chosen: Machine
I hope a bird shits
On your head every single
Day of your shit life
The true irony of the apocalyptic prophecy
Is that your own God foretold of you blindly
Following the Antichrist foe with false piety
Life Is Not Laissez-faire
Does not fix problems it just
Moves them somewhere else
That which ruins the
Internet is the people
On the other end
A Haiku For Pearl Jam
I love Pearl Jam but
Not until their fourth album
Most would disagree
A religion of peace there has never been
Evangelion: good news of military victory
Is the root word from with they all derive
Clandestine intellectual warfare
Against the ignorant and
Unsuspecting masses
Net Neutrality Is A Pipe Dream
All puns intended
Get your data off the grid
Or pay the piper
Towel Day Speculation
Take two dice; add the numbers
Life is a craps shoot
Taboolean Logic
Those practicing religions will soon be regarded
As heinous as racists are now due to the extreme
Intrinsic prejudices at the foundation of religions
Blank Stare And A Moment Of Silence
Dead-still eyes gaze back,
Like a deer in the headlights;
Anybody home?
What if we were the
Meteor that killed off all
Of the dinosaurs
A Haiku For Philip K Dick
Like a prophecy
He told you this would happen
This surveillance world
Spacemind: The 5th Dimension
The space of mind and
The space-mind continuum
Where thoughts become life
Monsignor Judas Priest
I’m still waiting for the band that
Promotes the fact that all of their
Music is subliminally messaged
A Haiku For MMORPGs
The MMO will
Always remove the RP
From the RPG
Devil’s Details
Satanists must believe God to be real as God is Satan’s creator
So worshiping Satan is like watching last year’s Super Bowl
And betting your life savings on the team that has already lost
Ugly Women
Nothing can make a
Woman more unattractive
Than being racist
If being stupid was
A criminal act you’d be
A fucking gangster
To fight against or
Call into question the truth
Or validity of
Words To The Wise
Relationships with teachers should be temporary
Ultimately we must become our own teachers
As we are responsible for our own evolution
Devil’s Details
The devil is in the details
And in the details is
Where the devil dies
Every girls wants to be a princess but if every
Girl were a princess would that not just negate
The exceptionality that is being a real priness
Corrupted Data
Blame bad science on Capitalism because when
Science fails you can bet it was surely corruption
And not the scientific method to be the point of failure
Like Yeats
When I am dead I
Want the young to tattoo my
Words into their skin
Fooled Me Once
I can not forgive
There is no such forgiveness
Nor will I forget
Rainy Day
Rain can make a night feel gloomy
But it is the same rain that feeds
The bright life in the morning sun
A Haiku For Tejas
In Texas even
Hippies are Republicans
Seriously weird
Circumstances change
Lives change and sometimes even
People change; things change
A system of want
Polity gets a cracker
Without taxation
I have no idea what
I am doing or why I am
Doing what I am doing
Zero Sum
A gain for each cost
A win for each loss
Divide by zero
Academic Caste System
I knew a guy in community college who had
A framed Harvard acceptance letter on his wall
He couldn’t afford the tuition to reach his potential
A head rushing dizzy spell of vertigo
It is an intense chaotic struggle to stay
Within my current dimention
I am anti-authority
Because the authorities
Will only bring you ruin
When you keep people
At a distance they
Are going to drift away
You can lead a horse to water
But then the horse will hate you
For being the cause of their thirst
I am done writing
I have nothing left inside
Nothing more to say
Wealth Equality
Eat the rich because
THey are eating you alive
Like a piece of cake
Old Wisdom
Before speaking ask
Is it true? Is it necessary?
Is it kind?
Analog robots
When the old meets new
Nobility Of Gold
Precious and noble
Resistant to corrosion
Reacts with nothing
Industrial Waste
Must produce mass arrogance
More comfort and more pompousness
Then blind them to all the damage done
Just A Game
Professional sports
Are nothing but a black hole
Eating tax money
Fire With Fire
Fighting fire with fire
Only works on forset fires
Not relationships
While some are
Remembered forever
Others are forgotten quickly
Our Dystopia
In all dystopian novels the evil ruling class is
Often portrayued as this all-knowing vile entity
Now we find our dystopia is one of ignorance
Utterly Insolent
Showing a rude and
Arrogant lack of respect
Utter insolence
Winter Crossing
Cold deer in the city
Running wild
ANd looking pretty
The Invisible Hand
A corporation is a dictatorship
Which works to infect society with
The totalitarian ideals of high finance
Instagram represents
The romanticism period of
Digital cell phone photography
Sensible Shoses
Elderly nation
Invest in velcro shoes now
Just thank me later
Guano Loco
Same bat-shit time and
Same bat-shit channel
Crazy is as crazy does
Steampunk Drumcircle
There is one major distinguishing difference
Hippies may smell like armpits and patchouli
Hipsters just smell like armpits and armpits
It is a very small word yet
It is the source of evry bit
Of join and pain in the world
The high one doth speak
Let’s get hopped up on goofballs
Turn out all the nights
Man Up
You are not a man
You are a prancing little
Sack of sissy pants
While some are
Remembered forever
Others are forgotten quickly
So, it’s just a coincidence
That your God hates all of
The same people you hate?
She No Be No Mo No
She entered my life
A black belt in karaze
She left a ninja
Bum Steer
Burning every bridge will both
Light the path ahead and leave
A trail of breadcrumbs home
Apostle Advocate
I am fairly certain if there really
Is/a(re) (a) God(s) t(s)(he)y find(s)
Your religion(s) greatly offensive
Lying to oneself
Gives no advantage to
Either party involved
All Intents And Purposes
The road to hell is
Paved with the good vibrations
Of puns intended
Realizing One’s Potential
The best thing the human race
Can do is fail and the worst thing
We can do is kill everying that lives
The politics of
The politicians
Hatred-based superstition
Stop getting married
A threesom with Uncle Sam
Is electral love
The Sky Is Falling
Rain blinds bad drivers
The same way headlights stun a
Deer on the highway
Eye In The Sky
You can’t stop them from watching
You just have to stare them right
Square in their eyes and spy back
Cowboy Dude
Ever illustrating the sick
Plague of pompous American
Good ol’ boy primadonnaism
BSI Metric (Bat-Shit Insane)
A sliding scale to
Guage craziness must be
Globally adopted
In Print
The printed word remains
Important as digital storage
Is often corrupted or obsoleted
Nobility Of War
The noble coward chooses their battles by whether
It is big enough to matter yet small enough to win
Leaving the real wars to those who never step up
Candid Hate
When the absolute worst people are
Saying in unison that you are terrible
That speaks volumes louder than you
White Noise
That gentle humming
Sound of sixty hertz
Of alternating current
Those who worry most
About terrorists most
Resemble terrorists
A Pill To Make You Dumb
Don’t ever forget
That I haven’t forgotten
Pills can’t change the truth
A Dab For Cam Newton
He is pissing off
All the white people, I mean
All the right people
The Original
Love you, love your style
The originator not
The imitator
I suspect that there could possibly be a
Higher lifeform that is weaving elements
But I don’t fear any foretold prophecies
Poignancy is genius
Saying much with few words
To paint a picture
Cold bones and stiff joints
Can’t sit still, that’s what happens
When your blood gets bored
It’s nice to be seen
It’s especially nice to
Be seen by beauty
Inside Voice
May I interject …
Ditto on the vice-versa
Said you to yourself
Mommy Dearest
In your petty attempt to save her from evil
You turned her into the worst evil
You turned her into you
Social Garbology
A log of deleted conversations
Building databases for our
Future civilizations to study
Motivation is
Strongest when opposition
Is coming with force
It’s not your fault but
It’s your problem that’s
Called responsibility
A Haiku For Bertrand Russell
Chicken or the egg
Or turtles all the way down
Origins matter
Religions have to be forced by law to
Not discriminate against the disparaged
I look to this as proof of their morality
Zombie Virus
If a bird with swine flu
And a swine with bird flu
Were to ever meet
Review Pending
No belief can be
Correct because no belief
Is fully complete
The first to wear the
Face of chaste righteousness was
The devil himself
Uncomfortable Loundnesses
If you make things unpleasant for me
I will make things unpleasant for you
That way you remember it was unpleasant
Life still in their eyes
A perk still in their step and
Zest still in their heart
Money In Politics
Our government is genius in it’s simplicity
And it is also dangerous in it’s simplicity
For it has been fully infiltrated by an idea
Borders are just
Another invention by them
To keep us fighting
Pros And Cons
Politics is the battery that powers our society
It has a positive side and a negative side
Pros or cons; I choose positivity
The enlightenment
I seek is a mindset that
I do not matter
I’m so many things
When I’m imaginary
Just can’t make them real
In the darkness we
Are engulfed by the quiet
Our thoughts become one
The self-biased resister
Asks for forgiveness
Not for permission
You think you are powerful and untouchable
But your power is an illusion for you are just
Insignificant enough that no one shouts back
Sports are a tough nut
Because on the average
Half of all
For Myself
I learned long ago
Nobody likes poetry
Write these for myself
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
It’s easy to make
An absurd idea real
By being absurd
I delete cleanly
And I remove completely
Just hit the button
Buy Debt Bonds
I’ve never seen such people
Who make so much money
And yet they own nothing
Conservation Note
You’ve been lugged into the present since
The days past you keep trying to restore
Stop trying to conserve that which sucks
Pecksniffian cult
Harbinger of malingers
Tortured Food
Can you taste the pain
Pain from being in a cage
In every bite?
If I hate you more
Than I hate myself then we
Will have a problem
Everything happens
For a reason; sometimes a
Really bad reason
If I get too negative
I demagnetize
And find my center
Ante Meridiem
The morning chatter
House sounds and my tinnitus
Clicking of dog feet
Won’t you talk to me
I’m so alone in my thoughts
Bring me into yours
Muslim-Banning Christians
As soon as you open that door
We are shoving your ass through
Signed faithfully, Athiests
Red Hair Green Eyes
They’d burn them alive
Just as soon as they were born
Due to ones like you
Godwin’s Law
Forget memetics
To avoid analogy
Don’t be a nazi
Catch 22
When a race of self-hating megalomaniacs
Is given a prophecy of total self-annihilation
They will stop at nothing until that is fulfilled
The Moral High Ground
Fiscal conservationism does not conserve tax money instead
It cuts the funding from social programs that help the poor
Using it then to fund military programs that kill the poor
So Sheik
It’s fashionable
To have a dictator that’s
Why they call it chic
Allowing one’s heart
To beat for more than their own
Is being righteous
A Fist Of Words
Poetry allows
You to punch walls with only
Passive aggression
Social Construction
Money does buy happiness
Any who are rich and miserable
Would be as such in any situation
Art Licenselo
You might as well just
Commission an artist to
Paint a blank canvas
Open Service
Every park bench
Is a church pew; no dogma
Just the birds and bees
Poetry is
The music
Of thought
The King And I
In my world I am
The king and I have
Decided to live as such
Ad Hominem
The burden of truth
Is in the burden of proof
Poison in the well
Deja-Vu Dream
Old dreams repeat …
Have I nothing new to desire?
Nothing new to fear?
Dearth Fader
Memories of me
Fade quickly because they hold
No significance
Employment Office
Be on your guard here
Monday morning stress monsters
Hide in the corners
How can it be so insanely strong
How does it gather momentum
When it holds no physical shape
Silence Of Night
I think up such strange
Things at night most of it scares
Me too much to write
Elaborate color patterns glisten from
The streetlights creating an entire world
That does not truly exist yet I can see it
Internal Discourse
In my head I have many discussions
Some voices can be moody and vicious
They must represent my feminine side
That is just the way
The future works, it comes in
And changes things up
Among The Living
As bad as your day may be
Just remember you have at least
One more ahead that is worse
Indian Giver
The most dishonest
And most reprehensible
Racial epithet
Raining Out
You are not made of sugar
And you will not melt
You are not that sweet
All Men Are Jerks
We watched only the
Biggest assholes of our youth
Get all of the girls
If life is a test
It is not open book
Religion is cheating
The Hungry Don’t Play Games
Give everyone guns
Stop feeding the poor
This is the new religion
Loaded Invitation
If you leave your house with a gun
Whether it is legal or illegal to do so
You invite gun violence into your life
Blue-Collar Billionaire
Being born stupid
Does not make you blue collar
Your father was rich
Jump out of my skin
To get away from my thoughts
Tear it off and run
Data Scrub
If only
I could
Before Speaking
There are many words
Be sure to pick yours wisely
Some can’t be unsaid
Has become self-sabotage
The pit sinks deeper
By Rote
In the abscence of
Any positivity
We go negative
White Blinders
Does it not seem odd
Those who deny white privilege
Are white and privileged
A Haiku For Dicks
Your name is Richard
But you ask to be called Dick
Why would you do that?
No Heat
I don’t have a gun
SInce I don’t have a gun
I don’t have gun problems
Political Correctness
How dare you force me
To be correct and to tell
The truth and be fair?
Free College
You Will always have
A stupid world if you have
Such stupid people
Communication Breakdown
Only a woman can find a way
To argue with you while you
Are trying to agree with her
Tragic irony
An Israeli Gestapo
Ethnically cleansing
Shit King
In the isle of the blind
A one-eyed man is king
King shit of turd island
Folie à Deux
Love is in your head
The question is can it be
In two heads at once
Desideration Protocol
Inside of us all
Is instilled a deep-seeded
Need to be needed
Uneasy Listening
Smooth jazz
Is neither
Smooth nor jazz
Shot and stabbed twenty-six times
Then hung from a bridge
Ruled a suicide
Vowel Game
There is no such thing
As an accent just how one
Chooses their vowels
I have never seen your face
I have seen just the
Photons that bounce off
American redneck culture
Glorifies ignorance and prejudice
Cherishes xenophobia
Innocence Discarded
We slowly hurry to save innocence
But we have already established
Innocence leads to our destruction
I’m not the one
You come to for answers
I’ll only have more questions
Lies, Besides
You can lie to us
But you can’t lie to yourself
We don’t believe you
The art in poetry
Is aesthetics of words
Not jsut words themselves
Grown Ups Talking
Conservatives act as if they are the only
Adults in the room but being a judgemental
Asshole is not the same thing as maturity
Illogical Drive
I have not forgotten
Yet cannot remember
Memory access blocked
The Baby Boomer’s Dead Babies
This election was a giant school shooting
The Boomers grabbed their guns and fears
Gunning down their grandchildrens’ future
He just wants the same
Rights and privileges that his
White grand-daddy had
Abortion Politics
This unspoken conservative agenda
To keep women out of the workplace
And keep them making new soldiers
A conspiracy needs two people
Working in conjuction, together
A conspiracy theory needs only one
You Become What You Kill
Once power is seized
It is never relinquished
Never goes backwards
Prejudging Prejudice
Don’t call me bigot
For being intolerant
Of intolerance
Tech: No Utopia
The way we apply algorithms
And the way we blindly trust data
Is how we now bias failure
Have you ever met anyone so crazy
That not only do they know they are crazy
But they believe it to be some kind of super power
Achievement Unlocked
Today I made a
Shitty person’s day shitty
That’s accomplishment
I want to be reincarnated as
A koala bear; I’ll sit in the trees
And eat eucalyptus leaves
If you waste your time
Making joke art all of your
Art becomes a joke
Hope Is Power
If you lose your hope
You’re easier to subject
Power is control
Altogether All Together
I’ve spent all these years living lives
Yet none of them my own; a completely
Illogical approach to an existence
Brain Maze
Question the confusion
Blank stare and a moment of silence
Dilemma of dementia
Expensive words
Illegal numbers
Forbidden propagation
Change In The Air
It’s been so warm this
Year for no reason other
Than global warming
By The Gaslight
She called herself Z
And she kept the Cray silent
But fueled by gaslight
Nothing To Say
I want to tell you nothing as
It is all I know but nothing only
Goes so far then I know nothing more
I refuse to be
A part of the killing of
Original thought
Bottled Thoughts
You can shove the pain away
But the source of
Insecurity stays
Fueling Motivation
Look inside yourself
What makes you feel, laugh, and cry
What makes you break shit?